Starring Rachel Ogilvy & Andy Paterson

Edinburgh Fringe 2019 Update

This year's Edinburgh Fringe offers a double dose of Westminster's most corrupt politician. The Rt. Hon. Archie Cornwall returns to Sweet Novotel, venue 188, with another full run of Andy Paterson's darkly comic political drama Westminster Hour.

Audience feedback last year saw fans of th show asking for a sequel, and this year's Edinburgh Fringe will see the premier of Westminster Hour Part 2. The sequel sees anti-hero Cornwall installed as the Prime Minister in a post-Brexit UK that is threatening to break apart. The Scots are holding an independence referendum, and seem likely to vote to leave the Union.

Can Archie summon up enough dirty tricks to save the UK? And just how far will he go to manipulate the result? Expect a healthy dose of chaos, manipulation, corruption and even murder as Archie lights the gas under Scottish independence! 

Rachel Ogilvy Returns In Westminster Hour Sequel

We are pleased to announce that Rachel Ogilvy will return to the stage in Westminster Hour Part 2, reprising her role as tabloid editor Fiona Myles.

Rachel's performance in Westminster Hour as the drink sodden ruthless journalist theatening to expose the Home Secretary's murky past, delighted and shocked audiences at last years Edinburgh Fringe as the character locked horns with the equally ruthless and shameless Archie Cornwall.

Both shows will run back to back throughout this year's Edfringe - a double dose of corruption, shocking humour and of course, murder.