Starring Rachel Ogilvy & Andy Paterson

The Sequel Is Coming To EdFringe 2019!

The Rt. Hon. Archie Cornwall M.P. is back, and this time he's landed the top job.

Archie Cornwall returns in Westminster Hour Part 2. He's survived the Brexit storm and emerged as the new Prime Minister. But a new battle has started as Scotland threatens to leave the Union - can he save the UK - by any means? Expect a healthy dose of corrupt politics, gaslighting and possibly murder as Archie takes on those troublesome Scots!

Westminster Hour & Westminster Hour Part 2 will run daily at Sweet Novotel, venue 188, at 14.45 and 16.15 respectively. Tickets on sale now at


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A political drama by

AndyPaterson, writer of

3000 Trees: The Death of

Mr William MacRae

Corruption, Blackmail & Death

One Hour Is A Long

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